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COVID-19 : How to safely re-open your office with interactive maps?

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For several months already, the world of work has been forced to reinvent itself to allow employees to work from home. Employees have begun returning to work in their office buildings but to a very different workplace. How can you manage the new 1-meter rule given by the WHO guidelines so that your offices remain operational?

  • How will you guarantee that your employees and visitors won’t risk anything when they arrive in your premises?
  • How does an interactive map solution simplify everyone’s return to work in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic?
    Here are some of our best practices that you can implement using Mapwize’s indoor mapping solution.

The complete 5-step guidebook outlining how office building mapping can reassure your employees and maintain physical distancing in the context of COVID-19: Download the 6-step guidebook

1 - Get insight on your office building capacity

The new regulation requires all workplaces to maintain a minimum distance of 1 meter between each employee’s workspace. This means that not all employees and staff will be able to return to the office at the same time.

By setting up an interactive map for your offices, it will be easy for you to define:

  • The total capacity of your building
  • The number of offices per floor and the number of seats that can be used
  • The maximum capacity of your meeting rooms, classrooms or cafeteria
  • An appropriate office layout with suitable itineraries to optimize traffic flow

Once the following needs have been verified, you will be ready to review your corporate office layout and re-open safely!

2 - Give prior access to your building plans

In order to protect your most crucial assets – your employees – provide them with the possibility to view the new office layout and latest regulations – all this in advance. Sharing the URL of your building’s digital map enables your staff to easily figure out the exact route they need to take.

This link can be communicated prior to their arrival by email or SMS and enables them to:

  • Go directly to their assigned desk
  • Find a meeting room in advance
  • Be autonomous without asking for directions
  • Locate hydro-alcoholic gel and protective masks

3 - Create customized maps for Pandemic Management

In the midst of a pandemic, an interactive indoor map gives your office many possibilities. Using Mapwize STUDIO, personal protective equipment (PPE), available meeting rooms and seating plans – which comply with physical distancing – can be easily created and viewed. Maps can be created with new entrances, paths and directions so as to avoid crowded areas and temporarily close off certain rooms.

4 - Offer a contactless interactive map to your employees

Using various devices – smartphone, desktop, tablet and kiosk – your employees can find their own way throughout your premises via Mapwize’s interactive map. Our mobile application can easily be downloaded and will help with reducing unnecessary human contact. Your employees, customers and visitors can safely be led to their destination. It is important to stress that employees are able to consult the maps via the web application in order to check meeting room occupancy and directions prior to leaving home. Physical contact can be prevented by using the Kiosk solution which can be embedded on to your tablets or kiosks. These devices usually located at the reception desk of the facilities or at different strategic points in your building help avoid any unnecessary interaction.

5 - Go further using Mapwize mapping as a foundation

For a more complete interactive office experience, you can integrate your indoor mapping solution with different systems and office building applications :

  • Scheduling platform: send directions to your employees via email or SMS by connecting Mapwize with Office 365 for example. Staff will no longer need face-to-face communication to ask for directions, limiting physical contact
  • Booking system: enable your employees not only to locate the meeting rooms but also to view their availability status
  • Occupancy heat map solution: allow your staff and employees to avoid high influence at peak times and find an unoccupied area in your office. This system functions by integrating your WiFi access points or sensors on your digital map
  • Real-time cleanliness visualization solution: let your employees select recently sanitized desks and/or meeting rooms. This feature can equally be useful for cleaning companies to improve their performance and therefore reduce costs by immediately indicating areas to be cleaned

Finally, you can integrate Mapwize with any asset tracking solution or indoor location system to provide the blue dot directly on the map.

With these five methods, you are providing support to your staff and allowing them to return to the office worry-free. Mapwize’s indoor mapping and wayfinding solution requires no physical contact with our teams or on-site visits.

To learn more about the solution you can make an appointment with one of our representatives here:

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