Top 6 Mapwize features of 2020

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Top 6 features developed by Mapwize in 2020

As the year 2021 has just begun, it is time to recap and review the key innovative features of Mapwize for the year 2020.

Mapwize Studio and our SDKs have undergone several updates and you now have plenty of options to make interactive maps that stand out among the others.

We have chosen to highlight the six new features that we are most enthusiastic about and have compiled them in this blog post. Which one is your favorite?

1- Integrate Mapwize with a scheduling solution to facilitate room bookings

Mapwize now makes it possible to book available meeting rooms directly via the map. You just need to integrate Mapwize to your company’s calendar solution thanks to our multiple SDKs to enhance the user experience and make it more comfortable to book a meeting room inside your buildings.

Meeting Room Visualization and Booking is a Mapwize feature that allows you to display meeting room occupancy, find available meeting rooms more easily and book meeting rooms with a simple click. The overall purpose is also to optimise and ensure the efficient use of meeting rooms. Occupancy data can be synchronized from any calendar, occupancy sensors or room management solution. What does it look like? Color-codes appear on the map and make it possible for the end users to see whether a room is free, occupied or ‘‘soon to be occupied’’.

Recently, Mapwize has been directly integrated into your Microsoft Outlook calendars. Learn more about our Microsoft integration here.

2- Add Mapwize mapping to your interactive kiosks

This year, Mapwize launched its new kiosk application available on Ipad and Android tablet. Built on top of MapBox, the application is completely responsive and has been designed to provide a great user experience. Learn how to install it on your tablets here.

The kiosk experience isn’t just limited to tablets. We developed a specific user interface to deliver the Mapwize experience on big digital screens and make it accessible to everyone in order to answer to shopping mall, stadium, office building needs and more.

This new interactive kiosk feature works both online and offline to ensure users have access to the maps at all times.

3- Download data for offline mode

Another feature, we have been proud to present this year is our new offline map feature.

Our SDKs have been updated, and users can now download maps data directly for offline use in the Mapwize iOS and Android applications. It allows users to browse maps, look for places and navigate to a location in buildings with bad WIFI or without a data connection. It is also very useful for other venues that have an often overloaded internet network such as trade shows.

4- Leverage the zoom level function

In 2020, Mapwize has greatly enhanced the map experience with its new 8-level progressive zoom feature. When the user zooms in, the map displays more and more detail of the floorplan where the person is located, and fades out when the map is zoomed out.

This allows users to find their way through the mapped out building. In addition, there is the possibility to highlight certain logos to create extra value.

The rendering is amazing!

5- Take advantage of the automated translation feature

For 2020, not only did we want to please the end users of the solution but we also wanted to make it easier for you when addressing multilingual users. That’s why we added the automated translation feature.

When the auto-translation option is enabled on your Mapwize Studio account, all details of all places and points of interest are automatically translated from the default language into the selected language(s).

Give it a try!

6- Get any mobile SDK that suits your needs

Our philosophy at Mapwize is to make developers' work as easy as possible, and in 2020 we have kept them in mind!

Indeed, in addition to Android, iOS and Javascript, we officially support the 3 major cross-platform mobile frameworks used by developers, namely: React Native, Flutter, and Ionic /Cordova.

Are you interested in learning more about Mapwize? Stay updated on the latest product features and learn more about indoor mapping and smart building on our blog.

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