From outdoor consumer needs to indoor ones

Every building needs an indoor map

In today’s world, outdoor maps along with technology have facilitated the way we travel by helping us to access the most remote and unknown places. Enabling us to choose the best routing option by selecting the shortest and least traveled itinerary. Increased levels of efficiency, high level of detail, route planning, delivery monitoring and safety regulations have been made possible.

However, with an estimated 80% of our time spent indoors, it became necessary to allow people to easily find their way around and manage their building campus. This is where indoor mapping solution has a role to play.

What is indoor mapping?

The foundation to make
buildings interactive

Indoor mapping is the concept that allows you to visualize a floor plan as an interactive, digital map of your indoor spaces using spatial data. It’s the starting point for any project that requires location-awareness within an application.

Its primary mission is to help users find their way around a building and locate any point of interest. In addition to wayfinding capabilities, indoor mapping facilitates many use cases such as positioning, indoor navigation, business intelligence, asset tracking, room booking, security, among others.

We support and digitize
any floor plans format

Our indoor mapping platform efficiently digitalizes your static maps into a smart & interactive map. We are able to process any building file format including but not limited to AutoCAD, BIM, GeoJson, PNG and, even PDF. Indoor maps are intrinsic to the creation of new digital services inside intelligent buildings, compatible with IoTs and positioning systems.

With those maps, you will be able to take the use further by seamlessly integrating them with various platforms and business solutions (your data, third party systems) via SDKs and APIs enabling a wide range of map use cases.

Multiple features for smart building experience

Create richer indoor maps


Deliver a complete outdoor-indoor experience to your users using our platform's expendable maps. Your users will be able to easily find their way around and between several buildings and locate any resource thanks to our search and direction engine.


Give your users access to personalized map views that meet their needs while having only to manage a single map instance. This way, users just see those maps or parts of maps for which they have permissions whether they are visitors, employees, security agents or maintenance staff.


Mapwize is a SaaS solution that allows you to stay up-to-date as the structure and room design of the buildings change. You can fully manage and modify your maps that will be visible in real time to your users. Plus our teams make regular updates directly on the platform which allow you to benefit from the best possible mapping tool.


Allow a smooth and adapted navigation for people with reduced mobility by highlighting areas where ramps and elevators are located. To ensure an optimal navigation experience, you can flag specific areas as inaccessible so that the routing engine excludes these areas from route suggestions.


Provide dedicated paths for your visitors indicating time and distance to be covered, whether they are on bikes, scooters or in trucks. The direction mode feature is useful for users to calculate routes that can be travelled specifically by their transportation mode and to indicate suitable parking areas.


Take advantage of a multilingual indoor wayfinding platform with automatic translations that can process all languages, including non-European languages (Russian, Chinese, Arabic, etc.) to be able to address a world audience.


Give your users the flexibility to download and use your building maps on mobile devices while offline. This feature is useful in areas with limited or no internet access.


Display the map layers and the points of interest in certain zoom ranges. As a result, map details will smoothly appear as the user zooms in, and the map will only show the most important POIs when the users zoom out. Up to 8 zoom levels can be configured.


Give your users the ability to use Mapwize without having to make any connection to the cloud. Simply use the Mapwize mirror feature that will host a local server copy of all the Mapwize Map data needed.

Indoor Mapping platform benefits

Take advantage of interactive maps with Mapwize


We know that your buildings can change over time, which is why the Mapwize mapping platform supports all current and future updates and enhancements. We want to assure you that any additional use cases can be addressed as needed.


Mapwize’s platform is device agnostic. Our indoor mapping solution gives you the flexibility to create or give access to your maps anytime, on any device (mobile, desktop and kiosk), whatever the use case.


Our maps are protected by strong access keys which are both customizable in scope (universes, floors, etc.) and duration. We enable full support of SSO platforms to provide selective access to your maps for users.



Ready to turn your indoor maps
into digital interactive maps?