ServiceNow to Acquire Indoor Mapping Disruptor Mapwize to Make Hybrid Work for Everyone
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Maps and wayfinding solution
for hotels, cruise lines
and theme parks

Help your visitors navigate and move around your facility easily with
our interactive mapping solution which can be integrated with
any application, either web or mobile.

Improve guest experience with interactive maps

Competition in the tourism industry is fierce, that’s why differentiation is the key to the performance of organizations. Technology and wayfinding can contribute to succeed in the long term.

Hotel Resorts, amusement parks and large cruise ships offer many amenities that create navigational challenges for guests. How do I get from my room to the restaurant? Where is the fitness studio? These are common questions for visitors looking to make the most out of their stay.

Mapwize's digital map solution is a fundamental element to ensure the best guest experience possible. That way, prior to their stay, guests can view rooms on the map and select the nearest one to the spa for instance. And during their stay, they can benefit from the intuitive search engine and wayfinding system to locate any
point-of-interest available.

Create and deploy digital hospitality maps


Enable visitors to navigate around hotels, theme parks or cruise ships and to locate any kind of resources such as specific attractions, facilities or conference rooms.


Make your venue accessible friendly for all users and highlight areas where ramps and elevators are located; even ECVs or wheelchair rentals.


Provide a consistent experience inside your property on any device:
smartphone, tablet, desktop and kiosk.


Integrate your digital map in your information kiosk or self check-in system. Allow customers to retrieve their route on their smartphones and get to their destination.


Help customers quickly locate products and stores they seek. Enable dynamic location updates thanks to our synchronization system linked to your database.


Enable guests to pick their room on the map of your property, in the same way they would select their seat on an airplane.


Provide dedicated paths for your visitors indicating time and distance to be covered, whether they are on bikes, trucks or scooters.


Create multiple custom-maps of your property and control access based on user profiles such as guests, staff, operations, contractors or security agents.


Integrate Mapwize with other systems such as indoor positioning, location-based target messaging, asset tracking to identify rooms ready to be cleaned, and other hospitality application.

Benefits of indoor mapping for leisure & tourism industries

Improve the hospitality experience with more guest autonomy and fewer staff interruptions

Increase revenue thanks to the “pick your room” service

Optimize operational processes: maintenance, space management and housekeeping

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