ServiceNow to Acquire Indoor Mapping Disruptor Mapwize to Make Hybrid Work for Everyone
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Maps and wayfinding
for shopping centers and retailers

Guide and improve the shopper’s experience, as well as the visibility of your tenants,
thanks to our interactive indoor mapping solution.

Deliver a smart shopping experience with interactive maps

Where is what? How do I get to my favorite store? These are the questions visitors regularly ask themselves during their shopping experience.

Mapwize wayfinding is the foundation to start your digital in-store transformation.
It offers new opportunities for the retail industry while improving the shopping experience.

More satisfied customers means more future visits, and more retailers looking to secure spaces in the mall. As a shopping center operator, you can equally benefit from satisfied visitors and store operators and thus increase your revenue.

Create and deploy great shopping mall maps


Enable visitors to navigate from the front door to their favorite stores. Display stores by categories, locate a specific store or a restaurant inside your shopping center.


Provide a consistent experience inside your shopping mall on any device: smartphone, tablet, desktop and kiosk.


Integrate your digital map into information kiosks, display the “you are here” on the map and let visitors follow the right directions on their smartphone.


Make your stores and mall accessible to all visitors and highlight areas where ramps and elevators are located.


Increase store visibility inside shopping malls by offering a presence in the map that can be highlighted at all zoom levels with logos or special colors in order to create extra value.


Help customers quickly locate products and stores they seek. Enable dynamic location updates thanks to our synchronization system linked to your database.


Create multiple map views of your shopping mall and control access based on user profiles such as shoppers, maintenance teams and security agents.


Couple Mapwize with an indoor positioning system to show visitors their real time exact location using the blue dot and help them reach their destination.


Create a rich experience for customers and integrate Mapwize with other systems such as facility management, asset tracking, location-based messages and more.

Hundreds of retailers and shopping malls trust Mapwize

At the beginning of 2018 and after a successful six month-long test phase, the technology was spread out to all Klepierre malls (France, Germany, Spain, Scandinavia, etc.). Klepierre recently recorded a 20% increase in downloads of shopping mall Apps!

Elise Masurel de Laval

Head of Marketing, Digital & Innovation

Benefits of digital maps for shopping centers

Provide a smoother and extended shopping experience for visitors

Increase store visibility on all devices and at at all zoom levels

Improve space management and save costs

Some of our shopping centers and retail customers