Interactive maps and wayfinding
for smart office

Improve the office experience with digital maps

Did you know that 70% of employees report losing up to 15 minutes a day just looking for a place to collaborate?

The lack of autonomy within buildings — visitors needing to ask for directions at the reception desk or employees arriving late for meetings — creates an overall frustrating experience eventually resulting in a revenue gap for the company.

Mapwize’s indoor mapping solution improves the employee experience and efficiency at work with a tool that makes it easy to find a desk, a colleague or a meeting room. It also gives facility managers the resources they need to focus on continuous workspace optimization.

Bring your office building floorplans to life


Enable employees to navigate around corporate campuses or between multiple buildings and make it easy to locate any kind of resources such as meeting rooms or printers.


Make your office accessible friendly to all users by highlighting areas where ramps and elevators are located.

Multiple Screen App

Provide a consistent experience inside your office building on any device: smartphone, tablet, desktop, and kiosk.

Kiosk Ready

Set up a new kiosk within minutes using our off-the-shelf application, put them at the main traffic areas of your building and enable users to orient themselves with their smartphone.

Room Occupancy

Display real-time meeting room occupancy and availability status on any kind of screen, either passive or interactive, at key locations in your office.

Custom Maps

Create different map views of your office and control access for each use case such as employee maps, maintenance maps or security maps.

Office 365 Ready

Allow your attendees to find their way on the map directly from Outlook & Office 365. Display real time conference room availability based on the company's calendars.

Company Digital Directory

Help your employees and visitors locate people’s desks within your corporate office.

Seamless Integration

Integrate Mapwize with your existing system and data, such as indoor location, facility management, visitor management, booking system, asset tracking solutions and more.

What our customers say about us

“We found Mapwize to be the perfect solution in terms of cost, features, simplicity of use and autonomy. The import was easy, the maps are visually pleasing and the documentation is complete.”

Olivier Albagnac
DS Regional Service Manager

“The employees immediately adopted the application when the company relocated. Mapwize was very simple to integrate into our app that also includes other services.”

Mathieu Meurant
Strategy and Business Model Transformation Department

Benefits of indoor wayfinding for corporate offices

Digital maps with wayfinding solutions for office building enhance the satisfaction of both visitors and employees. It is a time saver for everyone, including IT and facility managers who have full control over what end users can see.

Improve employee experience

Optimize employee productivity

Improve space management and save costs

Strengthen the corporate branding of your office

Some of our office building customers

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