Event maps and wayfinding
for trade shows, conventions and festivals.

Improve the event experience with digital maps

Nowadays an event often looks like this: unclear directions given by a friend for the meetup location at a festival, hard time finding your way around the never-ending rows of exhibitions, and last-minute space changes don’t make it easier. Navigating around an event can be a frustrating experience for both attendees and organizers.

Visitors must be able to quickly find the smartest route based on their interest to make the most out of the event and contractors need to be able to locate booths in record time.

Mapwize, with its wayfinding capability makes it easy for people to find what they're looking for, ranging from booths to the best coffee place or even their exact seat location in a stadium.

Create beautiful event maps


Enable attendees, speakers, and staff members to find their way around the event area and provide a search engine to easily locate booths, restaurants, conference stages among other resources.


Make your event venue accessible friendly to all users and help them reach their end-destination by highlighting areas where ramps and elevators are located.

Multiple Devices

Provide a consistent experience inside the venue on any device: smartphone, tablet, desktop and kiosk.

Custom Map

Create multiple personalized maps that fulfill specific needs such as visitor maps, technical maps for contractors and maps for the security department.

Live Screen Display

Display live data on public screens such as seat availability in conference rooms and waiting time at the food court.

Extra Visibility

Increase sponsorship opportunities for exhibitors with a logo on their map location. Selected exhibitors can be highlighted at all map zoom levels with logos providing additional value for sponsors.

What our event customers say about us

“Mapwize has been a pleasure to work with. Their SDK is easy to use, and their team is responsive and helpful. The technology enables us to natively integrate interactive floor plans into our mobile apps, providing a better attendee experience.”

Tim Groot
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

“Mapwize is the perfect partner for Crowd Connected’s Indoor Positioning System, enabling us to provide large scale exhibitions with location analytics, mobile engagement and wayfinding all in one package.”

James Cobb
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Benefits of exhibition, stadium and festival maps

A seamless and easy-to-update outdoor/indoor mapping system is an added value for a mobile application in a crowded conference or festival venue. Digital maps with wayfinding solutions maximize the experience of your visitors with a search and direction engine.

Provide a stress-free visit experience for everyones

Increase exhibitor visibility at all zoom levels

Boost event branding and increase revenue

Go paper-free and remove printed maps

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