Interactive maps and wayfinding
for hospitals

Improve patients and staff experience with interactive maps

According to many studies, 1 out of 2 hospital visitors has trouble finding their way around and 1 out of 4 staff members reports not being able to find their destination in their own hospital.

When someone is facing a new diagnosis or is worried about the health of a loved one, the last thing they want to do is to wander through multiple buildings or to be late for a medical appointment.

Mapwize's wayfinding technology provides a better patient and hospital staff experience through intuitive, stress-free navigation and reduces wait times for hospital appointments.

Provide smarter hospital wayfinding experiences


Enable patients and staff to navigate around the hospital and to locate any kind of resources such as patients’ rooms, laboratories or parking area.


Make your hospital accessible friendly for all users and highlight areas where ramps and elevators are located.

Multiple Devices

Provide a consistent experience inside your hospital on any device: smartphone, tablet, desktop and kiosk.

Personalized Maps

Create multiple custom-maps and control access based on user profiles such as hospital staff (stretcher-bearers and ambulance drivers), patients and visitors, and service providers.

Directions Sharing

Provide patients with appointment details and directions within the hospital
in the text message
or email reminder sent to them.

QR Code Locators

Allow people to locate themselves by scanning QR code stickers displayed across the healthcare facilities.

Interactive Kiosk Maps

Integrate your digital map in your information kiosk or self-service check-in system and guide patients to their destination.

Medical Equipment Tracking

Connect Mapwize with an asset tracking solution to visualize where important equipments are located in real-time.

Indoor Navigation

Integrate Mapwize with an indoor positioning system and show patients, visitors or medical staff their exact location and how to reach their destination in real-time.

What our customers say about us

“The Mapwize application allows patients to choose their location and get from point A to point B using their smartphones without the need to go through reception areas. We are very satisfied of the solution which was deployed in less than 2 weeks with few resources were required.”

David Renaut
Head of Facility Management

Benefits of indoor wayfinding for hospitals

Our indoor mapping and wayfinding platform make it easy for patients and visitors to find their way through vast hospital grounds, reduce building complexity and enhance comfort. No more getting lost or interrupting medical staff for basic direction questions.

Improve patients, guests and staff experience in your hospital

Reduce number of late and missed appointments and save costs

Optimize staff productivity with less interruptions of medical staff being asked for directions

Some of our healthcare facility customers

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