Indoor maps and wayfinding
for airports and train stations

Improve the traveler experience with interactive maps

In the complex structure of an airport or railway station, it is a challenge for travelers to find their way around.

How do I reach gate 23? What is the fastest way to get to my check-in counter? Where can I found a duty-free shop? These are common questions passengers ask themselves during their travel experience. Long waiting lines at security or a last-minute gate change can make an otherwise well-planned trip stressful and hectic.

Mapwize’s mapping solution helps passengers plan their business trips or family vacations ahead. The interactive map displays all important points-of-interest, such as ATMs, lounges and duty-frees. In addition, the direction engine can help passengers easily get to their train platform or airport boarding gate, reducing travel stress in the process.

Build amazing digital transportation maps


Enable travelers to navigate from the parking lot to the check-in area. Locate any kind of resources such as gates or platforms, restaurants and ATMs using our incremental search engine.


Make your airports and railway stations accessible friendly to all passengers and highlight areas where ramps and elevators are located.

Multiple Devices

Provide a consistent experience inside the premises on any device: smartphone, tablet, desktop and kiosk.

Interactive Kiosk Maps

Integrate your digital map into airport kiosks or train stations check-in counters, display the “you are here” on the map and let travelers follow the right directions on their smartphone.

Multimodal Mode

Manage surroundings and let your passengers go from their bus station to their train or take a connection to the nearest subway station.

Extra Visibility

Increase store and hotel visibility by offering a sponsoring presence on the map that can be highlighted at all zoom levels with logos or special colors in order to create extra value.

Personalized Map

Create multiple map views of your airport or train station and control access based on user profiles such as travelers, employees, maintenance teams, and security agents.

Indoor Navigation

Connect Mapwize with an indoor positioning system to show passengers their real-time exact location using the blue dot and help them reach their destination.

Seamless Integration

Create a rich experience for travelers and employees and integrate Mapwize with other systems such as facility management, asset tracking,
location-based messages and more.

Benefits of digital maps for airports and railway stations

Digital maps with a wayfinding solution is the first step to enhance the passenger experience inside airports or stations. A seamless and easy-to-update outdoor/indoor mapping system is a clear added value for an amazing customized passenger experience and for better store visibility.

Reduce passenger stress and help them navigate within the premises

Increase store, hotel and restaurant visibility at all zoom levels

Improve employee satisfaction with no more customer directions questions

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