ServiceNow to Acquire Indoor Mapping Disruptor Mapwize to Make Hybrid Work for Everyone
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New features for Mapwize


Our innovative mapping platform continues to grow, and this month we have released several new exciting features:

  • Have you ever imagined having access to the shortest possible path inside a supermarket to grab all of the items on your shopping list? Mapwize is making this possible with the new Waypoint Optimization feature. Simply tell to Mapwize the products you need and then the routing algorithm will optimize their order according to the minimal walking distance. In a different setting, the same feature could be used to optimize maintenance or security patrols. This kind of “tech magic” is no longer just for sci-fi movies. This is the futuristic reality we’ve all been waiting for! 
  • Our customers have been adding more and more points of interest to their maps, and we now have buildings with tens of thousands of them. Most of these interest points are not displayed by default, but can be found using the search engine. The latest version of the admin interface makes it easy and efficient to edit and manage large data collections.
  • As we now cover large, sprawling university campuses, we are observing the scope of the walking route graphs significantly increasing in complexity. To make editing efficient and error-free, we have published an improved version of the direction editor. In addition to the new options to speed up graphing, we have introduced a color scheme for quickly detecting errors, such as misconnected routes.