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Mapwize technical update


Dear Mapwize developer, I would like to let you know about 2 major technical updates that might be important to you:


SDK 2.1.0 released 

We just release version 2.1.0 of all SDK (iOS, Android and JS) and we advise you to use it in your own app. There are some breaking changes to be taken into account. They are listed in the changelog files on the github repositories.
Here are some of the benefits of the latest version:\

  • It is now possible to optimize directions with multiple waypoints.\
  • The heart of the rendering engine has been upgraded to improve performances. In particular, on the web, we are now using Leaflet 1.0.\
  • All SDK’s now contain a wrapper to simplify API requests. The loading of a map is not necessary anymore to retrieve data. The main API requests and objects are available today and we will keep enriching the SDK over the next few weeks.\
  • The code has been optimized so the map loads faster on iOS and Android. 

SDK 2.1.0 released New URLs for web application 

The URLs of the Mapwize web applications have changed, mainly to increase performance. is the web application to navigate public buildings and preview private buildings. For private buildings, an access key is required.. is the map management interface to import and update building maps. A login is required to access this interface. It was previously
Both application are now completely precompiled and served over CDN to speed up loading all over the world. Thank you to Azure and our partner Microsoft for making this possible.
Note that all former urls are properly redirected so the change should be transparent to you.

Mapwize is continuously improving and our team is working harder every day to bring more features and performance to the platform. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any tip on how Mapwize could better suit your needs