ServiceNow to Acquire Indoor Mapping Disruptor Mapwize to Make Hybrid Work for Everyone
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Mapwize SDK 3.0 now available


A New major version of the Mapwize SDKs for iOS, Android and JS is now available. The entire engine has been redesigned to largely improve performances. You can expect faster loading times, lower memory footprint and better caching to decrease bandwidth usage. 

This release will also make developers happy as it is much simpler to work with. We’ve learned from all the feedback we got and removed all major pain points. The documentation has also been largely improved and the methods across all platforms are much more consistent.

The SDKs still come in 2 flavors. Mapwize UI (open source on Github), the fastest way to integrate a fully functional indoor navigation component with all the required user interface but also Mapwize Core SDKs which only contain the map view and API and allow to develop a more advanced integration.