ServiceNow to Acquire Indoor Mapping Disruptor Mapwize to Make Hybrid Work for Everyone
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Introducing the auto-translate feature


Nowadays, buildings are visited by people of different nationalities, it is important to take into account that everyone does not speak the same language. Therefore, it is necessary to have the facility map available in different languages. At Mapwize, we have built a multi-lingual support as part of our Studio (CMS) core features. Our solution can be translated into as many languages and characters as desired. Manual translation of place names and location details can be considered as quite tedious even when using our advanced batch editing feature.

This is why, to speed up the process we recently released the auto-translate feature. When the auto-translate option is enabled on your account, all the details of all the places are automatically translated from the main language to the selected language(s) using Google Translate.