We are pleased to officially announce our partnership with Campus!

We’re thrilled to announce that we have partnered with Campus, the advanced mobile and web-based portal platform for Higher Education.

Working together will allow us to create an even more student-friendly and complete campus solution on the US market. Now that Mapwize is fully integrated with the Campus platform, institutions will be able to provide interactive maps with strong search functionality and step-by-step directions on any device. Moreover, facilitating wayfinding for students will help them get around campus safely which is very important, particularly in post COVID times.

“New students are already overwhelmed by the amount of change they have to navigate in their lives during their first year on campus. Offering an interactive map available on any device will give students more confidence as they navigate their campus for the first time,” said Chase Williams, CEO of Campus. “We’re excited to partner with Mapwize and know our customers will be deeply impressed by the functionality they bring to the table.”