Mapwize's CTO Speaker at Cisco USA Event

On April 10th and 11th, Mountain View, California hosted the second edition of DevNet Create Developer Conference. Organized by Cisco’s developer community, this major event provides a mix of learning sessions and workshops for developers who are building applications based on Cisco infrastructure. Since Mapwize developed solutions built on top of Cisco Indoor Positioning System, our CTO Mathieu Gerard was invited to demonstrate Mapwize/Cisco capabilities to provide top of the line indoor experiences. We were deeply honored to be invited as a speaker at the conference. Moreover, our CTO conducted two additional workshops for developers. Catch the replay here!

Mapwize Apps now available in Open Source

The quality of our App interfaces is regularly praised by customers. They often ask us to share source codes to provide the same experience within their own apps so we believe that the whole community will benefit from an open code. For that reason, Mapwize iOS, Android and Web Apps are now available in Open Source. Developers are now free to reuse, improve and embed the code in their own apps. All the contents are available on Mapwize GitHub page, which also provides examples of apps embedding Mapwize. We have chosen to publish under the permissive MIT License, which puts only very limited restriction on reuse. It grants permission to build any kind of solution, including commercial ones. We are confident that this openness will be a real time-saver. Feel free to have a look and to give us your feedback!

Mapbox introduces Mapwize for indoor cases

Mapbox, the flagship platform for custom designed maps on top of which our SDKs are built, just released an article about Mapwize on their blog. Written by our CEO Mederic Morel, it explains how to get the best outdoor-to-indoor navigation experience by combining both Mapbox and Mapwize features.

Mapwize is using Mapbox to bring navigation indoors. At Mapwize, we’ve spent years working on the digitization of building floor plans and knew it only made sense to make this a part of a continuous outdoor-to-indoor navigation experience through a seamless integration of both types of maps.
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