Swapcard chooses Mapwize

After several successful collaborations in both France and Canada, Mapwize is expanding its partnership with Swapcard, the leading networking and matchmaking platform for event organizers. Our mapping and wayfinding solution is now embedded within the Swapcard event App and proposed to their customers as a standard offer. The interactive map helps visitors locate exhibitors’ booths and services within the premises and find the best route to get to them. Visitors will now be able to get the most out of each event powered by Swapcard!

Mapwize is proud to partner with Proxyclick!

Proxyclick’s sign-in app transforms the way people are welcomed in offices around the world. Their marketplace makes sure your visitors feel like VIPs: automatic badge printing and access control integration, Wi-Fi code provisioning, Single Sign-On, and of course wayfinding! Mapwize is embedded within the app to help visitors and contractors easily find their way around your facility - from the entrance to the parking lot or from the lobby to the right meeting room!

Import AutoCAD files in 1 minute only!

After months of testing, our new AutoCAD import solution is now available for all Mapwize customers. The solution has already been used for dozens of buildings and has proven to significantly speed up indoor map creation. Most companies actually have very detailed architect drawings for their buildings but only few specialists have access to them. With Mapwize, it is now possible to upload any CAD file in seconds, select the layers that need to be imported (removing all technical or sensitive information), style them (so that it looks nice) and end up with beautiful digital indoor maps that can be used in any web or mobile application. It is also possible to automatically create clickable places by reading properties in blocks. You’ll find this AutoCAD import feature within “Sources” in Mapwize Studio. Would you like to try it on your buildings? Sign up for a free account or contact our experts.