Our Indoor Location Framework is available

We are thrilled to announce that our Framework www.indoorlocation.io is now available! We have noticed that inside buildings, the numerous Indoor Positioning Technologies lead to a multiplication of APIs and standards. To simplify their connections to Mapwize, we have developed a unique framework designed to standardize the various APIs of all major Indoor Positioning providers. Those APIs can now easily be used, combined, shown on maps and processed. This framework is available as an Open Source Project under the MIT License. All the details are available on our Indoor Location GitHub page.

Our Product Hunt Day

As we announced a few weeks ago, our mapping platform was launched on Product Hunt on February 15th. Thanks to your help, it ranked among the Top Products of the Day and reached more than 900 upvotes! Following this auspicious launch, we gained a 2500% rise on our website daily traffic. We've received plenty of positive feedback and multiplied by sixteen our platform sign-up rate! Thank you so much for your contribution to this huge success! 

Mapwize at SXSW Austin

From March 11th to March 14th, South By Southwest, aka SXSW, is coming back to Austin, Texas! This huge event hosts various Conferences and Festivals that celebrate the convergence of the interactive, film, and music industries. As an innovative French startup with a strong international potential, Mapwize was selected to exhibit alongside Business France at the Trade Show. Come meet us at the French Tech Pavilion on March 11th! Our CEO Mederic Morel will only be in Austin until March 14th, so hurry to get your appointment!
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How to choose an indoor mapping solution?

Don’t miss the new article we published on our blog! It deals with the different consumer needs in terms of indoor and outdoor mapping and the limitations of outdoor mapping platforms in quickly changing environments. The article then lists many services provided by indoor mapping platforms and the important features to bear in mind while choosing your indoor mapping solution.
"We are accustomed to using Web and mobile applications with embedded mapping features to either locate a person, position an asset or show a car itinerary. Most of the time, those applications rely on popular mapping solutions such as Google Maps or Apple Maps to display cartographic content. While those platforms provide an excellent user experience they also have some deep limitations especially when it comes to indoor capabilities..." 
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