Mapwize at Bosch Connected World 

The Bosch Connected World Annual Conference was held this year in Berlin on March 15-16. Each year, the Bosch Group invites its customers, partners, and suppliers to this highly influential event. We at Mapwize had the honor of not only attending but also presenting the industrial use cases of our mapping platform. For the occasion, Mapwize was also tasked with providing the official map for the event. All in all, the occasion was a great success as it allowed us to meet new partners and to consider new uses for Mapwize within the industrial field as well as for connected buildings.

Deloitte announces strong growth for indoor navigation

The firm, Deloitte, has just published its technological forecasts as well as a proposed analysis of the stakes for geolocation inside buildings. In short, Deloitte predicts that going forward we will lose less and less. According to their estimates, in 2017 about 1 out of 20 requests for guidance involves the interior of buildings. This is expected to expand very quickly with the figures for indoor navigation reaching 1 out of 4 by 2022. According to Deloitte, the proper functioning of navigation within buildings is based on two essential elements: mapping and other real-time transferring of information. The trivialization of indoor location and mapping technologies paves the way for the creation of new digital services inside all building types: shopping malls, offices, airports, hospitals, universities, etc. Find the full Deloitte study here:

Partnership with Hear & Know 

Hear & Know is a French startup specializing in geolocation solutions for tracking vehicles, animals, objects, people (e.g. the visually impaired, Alzheimer's patients, employees operating in hazardous areas, etc.) and teams (sharing positions with each other). Hear & Know's solutions work both inside and outside of buildings, are small in size, and do not necessitate expensive GPS and infrastructure deployment. Hear & Know was initially positioned in the security, rescue, and law enforcement market but have since expanded in scope. Today, Hear & Know also makes its solutions available for civil uses such as patient follow-up and hospital equipment. In addition to geolocation, Hear & Know provides value-added services to exploit real-time or delayed data. Hear & Know integrates naturally with Mapwize to display the position of people or objects. Click here to learn more about Hear & Know: