Mapwize deployed for RCI Bank and Services

Last January, RCI Bank and Services relocated their Paris Headquarters into a new building offering a modern, more collaborative workspace. RCI Bank and Services chose Mapwize to provide wayfinding services in those new premises. According to Guillaume Marion, Innovation Project Manager at RCI Bank and Services, "Mapwize Team proved to be nimble and managed to provide the interactive map of our new premises in no time." Embedded within the App of our partner Workwell, Mapwize helps employees to easily locate the main services, such as elevators, meeting rooms or safety equipment. The App also enables them to find the quickest routes within the 8200 sqm area of the building.

New Mapwize-based solution for Engie Ineo

Engie Ineo developed Zen Office by Vertuoz, a new digital solution designed to manage, optimize and improve workspaces. It takes advantage of the many features offered by Mapwize and can be adapted to all kinds of buildings. A mobile App enables occupants to find their way around a building, book spaces such as meeting rooms or parking spots and check their availability status in real-time. A web portal dedicated to facility management helps building managers to oversee their building’s resources. Dashboards are also provided to obtain a comprehensive overview of the occupants’ uses of the building, therefore enabling the optimization of the different spaces.

Mapwize in New Orleans for Collision Conf

From April 30th to May 3rd, Mapwize is exhibiting at Collision Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. Described by Forbes as “America’s fastest growing tech conference”, Collision has grown over to 25,000 attendees from 120 countries in only four years. A spinoff of the massive Web Summit Conference, Collision brings together the world’s fastest-growing startups and most influential companies along with leading international investors. Once again, Mapwize is embedded into the official Collision event App to help attendees find their way around the extensive Ernest N. Morial Convention Center. Come meet us there!

How does Indoor Positioning work?

People often wonder how positioning works and why the technologies are different indoors and outdoors. The variety of indoor positioning technologies and their different capabilities also make it hard to define what is best according to one's needs. In his latest article, our CEO Mederic Morel sheds light on this complex matter.
"Before addressing the issue of interior positioning, it is important to understand how outdoor positioning works. Basically, there are two ways to figure out one’s position. The first way is to compute a precise position at a given time; it’s called Absolute Positioning. Since Earth is a spherical object, the information is made of spherical coordinates composed of two angles called latitude and longitude and a distance called altitude."