Mapwize deployed in Wilfrid Laurier University

Mapwize is now available in Wilfrid Laurier University campus in Waterloo, Canada! Our mapping and wayfinding solution is deployed over the 270 000 sqm area of the campus. Students can now easily locate lecture halls and classrooms directly on the map and find the best way to reach their destination. We are glad to contribute to the already great student satisfaction on Wilfrid Laurier campus!

New partnership with Moffi!

Moffi all-in-one solution facilitates the booking and management of meeting rooms and flexible offices. Moffi helps building managers to easily manage their workspaces and better understand how they are really used. Employees can book workspaces and find their co-workers in just a few clicks on the Moffi App. Mapwize is now embedded within Moffi’s Web and Mobile Apps to help users locate the meeting spaces they booked and find the best way to get there. Those features are particularly useful to large corporations with widely spread offices as well as hospitals and universities eager to improve the usage of their buildings.

Mapwize at Cisco Live San Diego

From June 9th to 13th, Mapwize CTO Mathieu Gerard will be in San Diego for Cisco Live US. This event is a great opportunity to meet with Mathieu and discover how it is possible to extend Cisco's location technologies with the Mapwize platform. We are now fully compatible with Meraki, CMX and DNA Spaces. Our clients, in healthcare for instance, are using Cisco+Mapwize to provide wayfinding in large venues and campuses. In logistics and manufacturing industries, asset-tracking is very popular. We also have very successful deployments of Location Analytics solutions, especially in the event industry. When it comes to collaboration, we can now offer a turnkey solution to visualize meeting rooms occupancy by using the people count feature of the Webex Room Devices. If you are curious to learn more about this, answer this email to schedule time with Mathieu!

Mapwize World Tour in Los Angeles

On June 12th, Mapwize World Tour is coming to Los Angeles! Our CTO Mathieu Gerard is inviting local partners, customers and prospects to discuss indoor mapping and present the latest features of Mapwize. Interested? Then simply answer this email!