How can interactive maps play a key role in a pandemic context?

Discover our complete 5-step free guidebook with our best practices outlining how office building mapping can reassure your employees and maintain physical distancing in the context of COVID-19.

A 10 page guidebook to: 

  • Define the perfect layout of your building for a stress-free back to work experience,
  • Learn about the benefits of customizable interactive maps,
  • Understand the value of indoor mapping in the pandemic situation.

Real-time resource locator
on Mapwize maps

Omniscient selected Mapwize for its expertise in creating interactive maps. The construction technology company wanted to offer its clients an application to locate equipment on construction sites. Combining mapping and indoor geolocation technologies, it is now possible to track the position of equipment, to visualize free or occupied areas in real time or to detect the presence of a person in a sensitive area.

Bouygues Construction has chosen this 2-in-1 solution to improve the working conditions of its employees on worksites and increase productivity. Five construction sites are now equipped with the solution, with areas of up to 100,000 m2, including a 50-floor tower in Singapore. In a few clicks, the team gets information on resources: tools, equipment and materials. For instance, they can locate their equipment, access an inventory, monitor usage rates, control the correct delivery of equipment, and be notified if a machine leaves a given area.

We officially support major mobile
hybrid frameworks

Our daily challenge is to simplify the work of developers. We have always provided best in class native SDKs for iOS and Android.

Now, we officially support the 3 major cross-platform mobile frameworks used by developers, namely: React Native, Flutter, and Ionic /Cordova. This makes the power of our native SDKs with dynamic navigation and offline mode available to everyone with just a few lines of code.