Mapwize in Auchan Luxembourg Stores

Auchan deployed Mapwize within its two pilot supermarkets located in Luxembourg. Customers shopping in Kirchberg and Differdange stores can now use Auchan mobile App to simplify their visits. A special feature based on Mapwize enables them to easily locate specific products on the map among the 20,000+ references and find the best route to get to them. Customers waste less time looking for their products and enjoy a better shopping experience. We hope that this feature will be a great success that will help many customers in their everyday grocery shopping routine.

Mapwize Winner of Atalian Challenge

Mapwize just won the “Dynamic Service Delivery” Challenge organized by Atalian and Auchan. This contest challenged different startups with one goal: improving customers' perception of supermarkets cleanliness, and Mapwize successfully took up the challenge! The jury was convinced by the numerous use cases offered by the platform. Mapwize can be used to report incidents, check intervention coverage, keep track of all interventions, and to view customer traffic in real-time. As a winner of this contest, Mapwize will be deployed in a store, then extended over 200 stores in 2019.

Release of Dynamic Navigation Mode

Mapwize's new navigation mode enables you to find your way more easily around buildings. You can now see your progression along the way and the remaining time and distance are updated with every step you take. If you take a wrong turn or deviate from the planned path, your new itinerary is recomputed automatically. This navigation mode is available in Mapwize iOS and Android Apps in combination with our Indoor Location partners Pole Star, Cisco (CMX & Meraki) and Navisens. You can deploy this service in a few clicks without specific developments. Of course, all those features are also available to developers, so they can build them into their own Apps using our MapwizeForMapbox SDK from version 1.4.0. We hope you enjoy it!