ServiceNow to Acquire Indoor Mapping Disruptor Mapwize to Make Hybrid Work for Everyone
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Wayfinding in smart buildings

Mapwize has a Search Engine that allows users to locate any kind of resources on the map whether it is a meeting room or a printer.

Mapwize provides a powerful Direction Engine to compute the best route towards your destination and can also optimize multi-destination itineraries. Reduced mobility users can select a dedicated mode to obtain suitable itineraries.


Mapwize uses outdoor global maps and adds indoor data to them. This way, our maps combine both indoor and outdoor services using the same tool.

All data not being of interest for everyone, Mapwize offers different Universes to display appropriate content in accordance with user roles (visitors, occupants, maintenance workers, security agents, etc.). Mapwize can manage an unlimited number of Universes per venue.

Mapwize has always been a multilingual platform with the ability to handle any language including Non-Europeans (Russian, Chinese, Arabic, etc.).

CMS indoor mapping
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Mapwize studio

Mapwize's back-office, the Studio, is able to process the most common building file formats such as Autocad or GeoJSon. This way the overall floorplan import process is rapidly executed even by non-specialists.

Once existing floorplans are imported, the Studio provides all the necessary tools to add data and customize the maps. This includes but is not limited to: Universes, Points-of-Interest, Directions, Languages. Changes and updates are propagated in real-time on the platform.


Mapwize works with any Indoor Positioning System (IPS) including but not limited to: Beacons, Wi-Fi, Li-Fi, Ultrasounds, Earth’s Magnetic field, Sensor fusion. Additionally, Mapwize provides a unique framework designed to combine multiple IPSs and select the most accurate system at anytime. Also, this framework enables advanced filters to increase position accuracy based on building topology.

This framework, called Indoor Positioning is available as an Open Source project under the MIT License.



Mapwize is an open platform by design because we believe Indoor Mapping should be a core component to many third-party software applications. Accordingly, we also believe it is of the most importance to give developers a highly customizable mapping component.

Therefore, Mapwize comes with a fully interoperable Application Programming Interface (API) to permit server-side automation and multiple SDKs for iOS, Android and Javascript. This way, developers can easily embed Mapwize maps inside their own applications.

Mapwize API and SDKs are freely available on Github.


Security is a top concern here at Mapwize. Our maps are protected by strong access keys which are both customizable in scope (universes, floors, etc.) and duration.

Mapwize is hosted on the Microsoft Azure Cloud and is either available in SaaS mode (Multi-tenant server or private server) or on-premises.