Upgrade your Shopping Mall with


personalized sales.

pimped interactive maps.

points of interest.


Hundreds of shopping Malls trust Mapwize to increase their visits. Klepierre and Compagnie de Phalsbourg alone have more than 150 equipped shopping malls all around Europe.

Klepierre and Mapwize Compagnie de Phalsbourg and Mapwize

Visitors complain about losing their way, time and patience in huge shopping malls.

Shopping malls and wayfinding

Mapwize’s mission is to solve these problems and offer shopping malls the opportunity to stand out and bring a digital experience to their customers.

Our solution offers many possibilities like displaying special store offers, highlights of potential favorite stores and a greater fluidity of traffic. Customers easily find their way around and are more effective in their shopping.

Watch this testimony of Elise Masurel de Laval --Head of Marketing, Digital & Innovation-- from Klepierre.

guillemetsAt the beginning of 2018 and after a successful six month-long test phase, the technology was spread out to all Klepierre malls (France, Germany, Spain, Scandinavia, etc.). Klepierre recently recorded a 20% increase in downloads of shopping mall Apps!guillemets

guillemetsFrom then, visitors can navigate within shopping malls according to their interests and needs, and can also access marketing or sales news.guillemets

guillemetsThe startup and corporate group continue to work together on a continuous optimization process. Their future partnership will be focused on enriching and personalizing the customer journey in shopping malls through the maps.guillemets