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Indoor wayfinding improves the daily life of students and faculty members.

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On University campuses everywhere, it’s always the same problem for students, visitors, and staff members who waste time trying to find their way around. If you want to reduce delays, facilitate the arrival of newcomers, and improve the daily life of staff and faculty members, we’ve got the answer.

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Polytechnique Mapwize

For quite some time, Ecole Polytechnique had wanted to set up a wayfinding solution to improve the campus experience for visitors, students, prospective students, and staff by making it easier for them to find their way around. Today, we can proudly say: it's done! The X Campus application, available on iOS and Android stores, provides personalized on-campus guidance and includes a specific mode for people with reduced mobility. Useful information, such as...

Philippe Wlodyka - CIO of Polytechnique

guillemetsThroughout the project, the Mapwize team [...] contributed to the improvement of our campuses and have [...] continuously evolved the management interface [Mapwize Studio] in order to better respond to the management of the plans and paths of a 16M sqft campus on 3 levels and with more than 500 referenced points-of-interest.guillemets